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Homicide in the Hamlet

Khaine watched as his fellow watchman bashed down the door to the small log cabin in the hamlet of Selûnesglenn, a few miles North of Daggerford. Struggling to get a better view past the large frames of Corporal Krieger and Lieutenant Murivial into the room, he caught a glimpse of a tiefling’s horned head, covered…

Tarla Weaston

Tarla watched from the bushes as two raiders dismounted a wagon of fresh loot to investigate the fray as the camp erupted into a huge brawl between factions. The driver stayed behind to keep watch over the horses but couldn’t help but watch, transfixed to the melee. Tarla took advantage of his distraction as she…

Blender and Future Plans

      I’ve been attempting to learn Blender for over a year now, having paid for a course on Udemy. This was back when Blender was still in 2.6 I think. I’ve since started it thrice but until this past holiday I didn’t stick with it. I was finding Blender a little too opaque and far…

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