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Fan Fiction: Ganon Makes a Choice

The Hero, Link, takes a deep breath before the door of the throne room of the majestic Hyrule Castle. He stands proud, readying himself for the battle within for his foe, the evil Ganondorf, awaits him within. This time Link knows he will succeed. Ganondorf will fall, and peace will return to this land. Link…

Planning a Video Game and ADHD

Hey, been a while. Turns out I have ADHD, like pretty bad. Well, today I went down a bit of a hyper-focus rabbit hole. I wish I hadn’t but then it was something that was interesting (to me) so there’s that. Balancing what I need to do with what I want to do can be……

Homicide in the Hamlet

Khaine watched as his fellow watchman bashed down the door to the small log cabin in the hamlet of Selûnesglenn, a few miles North of Daggerford. Struggling to get a better view past the large frames of Corporal Krieger and Lieutenant Murivial into the room, he caught a glimpse of a tiefling’s horned head, covered…

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