Making a Globe

Map of Dezengarth

A couple of months ago I had made a globe of Dezengarth and made a video on how I glued the globe gores to the globe sphere. I share it here but I will also go into more detail as to how I got to that point.

First off, what is a gore when making a globe? A gore is the panels of map that get glued onto a globe. They’re shaped like an ellipsoid, wide in the middle and tapering to a point at both ends, so that they can better conform to the shape of a sphere when glued on.

There are a few ways you can create these, even converting existing maps into gores to make a globe, but mostly require photoshop skills to warp and stretch the map along a pattern. This can also warp the map to such an extent that it becomes unusable depending on scale and how close it is to a pole so some consideration is required.

In the case of Dezengarth, Torben’s Planet Map Generator is a random map generator that not only comes up with the landforms but renders the map into various styles, including globe gores. I found a seed and setting I liked and then rendered the map. The ratio is twice as wide as it is tall and used Sinusoidal rendering to make the map gores. I then printed them out to the size I needed.

Dezengarth rendered as globe gores

Now all you need to do is cut out the gores and glue them on the globe like how I show in the video.


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