Blender and Future Plans

      I’ve been attempting to learn Blender for over a year now, having paid for a course on Udemy. This was back when Blender was still in 2.6 I think. I’ve since started it thrice but until this past holiday I didn’t stick with it. I was finding Blender a little too opaque and far different than the 3D modelling I’ve done in AutoCAD. This time around I’m finding it a little more accessible thankfully. I even started modelling this wizard’s tower and playing around with the program a little more on my own.
      Is there a reason for me learning Blender? Of course! The main reason is so I have some affordable software for my 3D printing side-business that I can develop product in. I wold prefer AutoCAD but getting a license for a year of use currently costs between $210 and $127 per month depending on what plan you go with. I don’t even make $210 per year with the 3D printing yet, mainly because of printer issues. It’s going to cost me around $1,500 to fix my Form2 as it is. Blender has the benefit of being free without commercial restriction so it’s much better for my current use.
      Another reason is that I have plans for Dezengarth beyond just as a literary repository for stories and world building. I’d like to create the world of Dezengarth in a game engine, likely Godot at this point since it’s also free with no commercial restrictions, to help visualize the world. It would also give me a good way to sharpen my 3D modelling skills for the 3D printing business.
I have other plans for the “game” (for lack of a better term) such as actually adding game mechanics and AI simulation. I would also make it publicly available for people to play around in as they like, probably with a “Pay what you think it’s worth” model by way of donations via Patreon or Stripe.
This is a long way away at the moment but updates, as slow as they might be, will be posted here on When the time comes I’ll probably put it on Steam or something.

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