Homicide in the Hamlet

Khaine watched as his fellow watchman bashed down the door to the small log cabin in the hamlet of Selûnesglenn, a few miles North of Daggerford. Struggling to get a better view past the large frames of Corporal Krieger and Lieutenant Murivial into the room, he caught a glimpse of a tiefling’s horned head, coveredContinue reading “Homicide in the Hamlet”

Lenore’s Plight

The young woman hurriedly walked up the stairs leading to the headmaster’s office, the warm sunlight shimmering through her auburn hair from the tall paned windows in the stairwell, glinting off her white masquerade mask under the delicate lace veil covering the entirety of her face. She reaches the top floor and takes the fewContinue reading “Lenore’s Plight”

What Makes a Good Tabletop RPG Player?

I’ve been playing various tabletop RPGs since the early 90s. I’ve attempted to run a few games since then, only really getting into it about 10 years ago when I started running my Norse inspired Pathfinder game. Sadly it’s kind of stalled out since I’ve become a parent, finding time to plan and run theseContinue reading “What Makes a Good Tabletop RPG Player?”