3D Modelling for Clients and Friends

Chocolate Piece

I do some 3D modelling and 3D printing on the side. Right now I’m really only familiar with AutoCAD but I have a Blender class I’m getting ready to go through. My wife and I were trying to get our side-business going but life kind of got in the way for a while. We still plan on going ahead with it, doing Geek culture 3D models and prints, but things should get easier once she retires from the Navy in a year or so. In the meantime we make plans and I try to get the modelling skills I need to make our own stuff.


I modeled that chocolate piece in AutoCAD and I think it turned out nice. The Form2 resin printer needs a deep cleaning before I can print on it again but once that’s done I can start printing the slugs from which cornstarch molds can be made.

I had another friend who just needed a 3D model for a curtain finial. She bought one set and wanted others to match as she had bought the last one or something. I think it came out nice but as she planned on printing it herself I have no idea how it ultimately turned out.

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